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upholstery cleaning, hardwood cleaning,

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A Higher Standard

It is time to protect one of the most expensive investments in your home and office… your carpet and floors. Everyday foot traffic brings in an extra amount of dirt, salt and sand. It grinds into the floors, damaging carpet fibers and dulling your wood floors and tiles.


By the time your floors look like they need to be cleaned, it can actually be too late. The damage is already done. Using a professional floor and carpet cleaner is the best and most affordable option to extending the life of your investment.


We promise to provide a Higher Standard in cleaning your carpet, upholstery, hardwood, area rugs, tile and grout.


Whether our technicians are cleaning your hardwood floors, carpet, upholstery, oriental rugs, leather, windows, or tile and grout, you will be amazed at their extensive knowledge in recognizing the different types of flooring, fibers and fabrics.


We will then use our expertise in deciding which floor cleaning process needs to take place in order for the end result to go beyond your expectations.

Are you seeking a carpet cleaner that is non-toxic and safe?  Call Heaven’s Best in Asheville, NC to keep your carpet cleaner and greener!


When you have someone clean your floors and/or upholstery, you should expect them to clean not only for appearance, but also clean for the safety and health of you and your family.

Have you struggled with cleaning and maintaining pet stains & dander? Spills? High traffic areas?


We offer free advice on these and many other issues that we hope will simplify your life a bit and make your home feel that much more like a beautiful oasis.

Heaven's Best Professional Carpet Cleaning

A Western North Carolina professional carpet cleaners answer to a higher calling.

One of the most expensive investments in your home or office is your flooring. And whether you have light foot traffic from a few family members or a slew of customers treading through daily, you can expect:

• Extra dirt, salt and sand

• Ground-in soil

• Damaged carpet fibers

• Dulled wood floors

• Lackluster tiles

• Spotting from Pets

And when you finally decide you need a professional rug cleaner or hardwood floor cleaning service, it actually may be too late. Once the damage is done, replacement may be your only answer to renew your flooring to its previous glory.


Don’t let that happen to you. Take action to protect your investment. Opt for The Higher Standard of care and call an Asheville carpet cleaning and flooring revitalization expert. Using a professional local carpet cleaning and floor service is the best and most affordable option to extend the life of your investment.

The Heaven's Best Promise

You have at your service an innovator and a perfectionist in the team that runs Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning. So you can expect them to keep their promises. Because they answer to a Higher calling, they can readily say:

“We promise to provide The Higher Standard for cleaning your carpet, upholstery, hardwood, area rugs, leather, tile and grout, windows, and ducts and dryer vents.”

Heaven’s Best is an Asheville carpet cleaning company that promises to:

• Arrive on time

• Provide meticulous local carpet cleaning service in your home or office

• Pay particular attention to your needs, down to the smallest detail

• Get your floors and upholstery cleaner than anyone else — and they’ll stay cleaner longer

• Improve your environment with a green carpet shampoo service

• Provide more professional carpet cleaning for your money, every time

• Use exclusive, proprietary solutions that are safe for you, your family and your pets

• Send technicians trained in the latest cleaning techniques

• Rely on representatives who specialize in customer relations and communication

• Surprise and delight you


The team at Heaven’s Best is fully committed to the community and to the family. They have a strong desire to contribute something to future generations.

 The solutions they choose for their carpet shampoo service and hardwood floor cleaning services are safe for expectant mothers, children, pets and the earth. It’s what they use in their own homes.

It’s that commitment to the health and welfare of the earth and its inhabitants that flows through every service offered. Heaven’s Best Professional Carpet Cleaning delivers more than clean carpets, all with the same Higher Standard System.


Their services include:

• Asheville carpet cleaning

• Hardwood floor cleaning services

• Professional rug cleaning

• Tile and grout cleaning

• Upholstery cleaning

• Window cleaning

• Carpet stretching and repair

• Duct and dryer vent cleaning

• Leather cleaning

Asheville Carpet Cleaning

Carpets act like giant air filters for your home, trapping dust and dirt. Once the fibers are full of soil, though, they stop improving your air quality and start diminishing it. Therefore, your carpet cleaning should be scheduled at least once a year. Otherwise, the warm, cozy surface your children play on release dust and other particles that can cause runny noses, headaches and other health problems.

Our Heaven’s Best local carpet cleaning service includes:

1. Removing loose soil with a powerful commercial vacuum cleaner

2. Lightly spraying an exclusive, eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution onto your carpets

3. Using a machine specifically designed with absorbent pads to gently, and effectively lift away soil, stains and moisture

4. Applying a stain protector and grooming the carpet fibers to look and feel like new


Harwood Floor Cleaning Services

Over time, dirt builds up on your hardwood floors, creating a dull appearance. If left unattended, the finish can develop wear patterns that diminish the beautiful appearance of your hardwood floors. And daily dust mopping doesn’t completely revitalize them. Some of the reasons your wood floors don’t shine like new are:

• Dirt

• Sand

• Moisture accumulation

• Spills

• Pets

• Scuff marks

• Wax build-up

Hardwood floor cleaning services begin by finding out what cleaners and polishing products you’ve used. These can leave a residue that may need to be stripped.


After the wood is properly prepped, the cleaning process includes:

1. Vacuuming the floor

2. Applying a special wood floor cleaner

3. Cleaning with a special wood floor cleaning pad

4. Using polishing pads to buff the floor to its natural beauty and luster

Call 828-450-7437

Save your hardwood floors


A Professional Rug Cleaner

The perfectionists at Heaven’s Best know their rugs — all the different kinds, the various materials, the dyes and construction, and the best way to clean and preserve their integrity and color. From Persian to Oriental and Indian rugs, the process is the same: complete and excellent.

With the professional rug cleaners at Heaven’s Best, your rugs are:

• Closely examined to learn the history and origin

• Cleaned with the proper solutions for that particular rug in your home or office

• Or taken away and cleaned in the Heavenly offices of Heaven’s Best


Get the best care for your heirloom rugs.

Call 888-254-1819

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cover many different surfaces, from the bathroom to the kitchen and entry way. When installed, the grout cannot be cured until it’s dry, which can take up to a month. Most grout, therefore, is never sealed. This allows dirt, grease and grime to seep into the grout over time.


Trained Heaven’s Best professional carpet cleaning technicians know how to clean tile and grout. They:

1. Apply a grout cleaning solution that breaks up the dirt stuck deep in the grout

2. Scrub the floor, paying special attention to the grout lines and the extra tough spots

3. Extract the cleaning solutions along with the dirt and grime

4. Apply a grout sealant that seals and protects the grout lines from future spills, dirt and grime


Call 828-450-7437 to take care of your grout and tile.

Upholstery Cleaning

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for a free estimate.

Heaven’s Best local carpet cleaning service includes upholstery cleaning, giving your furniture new life. Like the flooring in your home or business, your upholstery lasts longer when it’s professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

The exclusive cleaning solution and powerful cleaning system used by the technicians at Heaven’s Best gently restore your furniture to its original beauty, regaining a look and feel you may have not thought possible. The dirt, dust, crumbs, and other debris are pulled out, leaving a clean, renewed surface.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning System

Environmentally Friendly Products

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Asheville is at the center of our service area footprint and the home of Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning. But our team of trained experts gladly serves customers as far out as Boone, Blowing Rock, Maggie Valley and Marion. Call on Heaven’s Best if you live in Avery, Buncombe, Madison, Mitchell or Yancy Counties. The specialists at Heaven’s Best provide cleaning services no matter where you live in those counties. We serve grateful customers in all of these WNC cities:

• Arden

• Asheville

• Bakersville

• Banner Elk

• Biltmore

• Black Mountain

• Blowing Rock

• Boone

• Burnsville

• Candler

• Fairview

• Fletcher

• Hot Springs

• Little Switzerland

• Mars Hill

• Marshall

• Newland

• Skyland

• Spruce Pine

• Swannanoa

• Weaverville

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