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Our Non-Toxic and Safe Products

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
7 Guidelines for Healthy Cleaning

  1. Provide for the safety of all human beings, before, during and after cleaning. OSHA has specific requirements for safety compliance. Unfortunately, too many cleaning companies ignore them.

  2. Clean for health first and appearance second. Fortunately, when you clean for health, you also get outstanding appearance.

  3. Maximize the extraction of pollutants. A professional cleaning technician must be trained to concentrate on this important goal, otherwise, the dirt may not be visible, but still doing damage.

  4. Minimize chemical, particle and moisture residue. Even though a solution can be safe, it can still leave a residue that causes rapid re-soiling. Particles left behind after cleaning can become airborne and result in respiratory irritation. Prolonged drying (moisture) can result in rapid re-soiling as well and eventually, mold growth can trigger allergies and asthma.

  5. Minimize human exposure to contaminants, cleaning chemicals and cleaning residues. Both during and after cleaning, cleaning techs should make sure that neither they nor their customers are exposed to potentially hazardous materials.

  6. Evaluate cleaning in relation to the total environmental system, not just part of the system. Trained technicians are able to advise customers of other strategies for creating a healthier environment for their families.

  7. Disposing of cleaning wastes properly. Finally, when soils have been suspended and extracted during cleaning, they must be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.


Eco Friend Carpet Cleaning

Our Non-Toxic & Safe Products at Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning.
We provide a complete non-toxic, fast drying, low moisture cleaning system.
Get a eco friendly carpet cleaning with our non-toxic and safe products.

At Heaven’s Best, we're fully committed to the community and to the family. We have a strong desire to contribute something to future generations. Our non-toxic carpet cleaning and hardwood floor cleaning services are safe for expectant mothers, children, pets and the earth.


We promise our complete non-toxic, fast drying, low moisture cleaning system along with our trained technicians provide our customers with a safe and healthy cleaning while making the appearance of their floors and upholstery look outstanding. Get a eco friendly carpet cleaning with our non-toxic and safe products.

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